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Simmons House Adolescent Unit is an in-patient psychiatric unit for young people between 13 to 17 years of age. The unit has places for a maximum of 12 young people all of whom are resident.


The average length of admissions varies according to clinical need. Some young people admitted as emergencies may spend a few days or weeks on the unit: young people admitted for outcome-focussed treatment will usually be admitted to Simmons House for between six and nine months, but can be at the unit for up to a year.


The length of stay at Simmons House depends on the young person's needs and is decided in conjunction with: young people, parents/carers, referrers and the Simmons House team.


Adolescents and their families/carers receive an individually planned and structured treatment package combining as appropriate: psychiatric assessment and medication, family therapy (which is often videod), individual therapy, occupational therapy, group work and education.


All young people should have a place to live during their time at Simmons House. The unit cannot be an adolescent’s home as adolescents should not have their home in hospital.



Our aims

The overall service that Simmons House offers is based upon evidenced based practice and the experience of the team.


We aim to provide a high-quality, multi-disciplinary mental health service for young people with emotional and mental health problems.


Simmons House gives priority to the needs of young people and, wherever possible, works in partnership with parents and/or carers.



We work in close collaboration with other child agencies to ensure the provision of the most effective service in the best interests of the adolescent.


We aim to provide a service which respects the gender, race, sexual orientation, and culture of all adolescents and families referred to the service. We try to ensure that these issues are actively considered in offering appropriate advice and treatment.

Our staff



Clinical Staff

Nursing Staff

  • Dr Simon Lewis, consultant child & adolescent psychiatrist
    & clinical lead
  • Dr Lois Colling, consultant child & adolescent psychiatrist
  • Dr Gabriella Landy, ST4
  • Dr Yasminn Al-Asady ST 5
  • Dr Esha Abrol, CT2
  • Dr Edward Joroma, CT2
  • Dr Jenny Sole, senior clinical psychologist
  • Dr Jacob Clark, clinical psychologist
  • Ms Marica Rytovaara, consultant in adolescent psychotherapy
  • Dr Tim Baker, adolescent psychotherapist
  • Mr Anthony Ogoe, trainee adolescent psychotherapist
  • Mr Duncan Riley, team manager & senior social worker
  • Ms Jo Levitt, family therapist
  • Ms Anastasia Theologou, senior occupational therapist 
  • Miss Amy Hall, occupational therapist
  • Ms Alex Bell, dietician
  • Ms Maxine Phelops,  pharmacist
  • Ms Sonia Miller, medical secretary & MHA administrator
  • Ms Martha Sanchez, medical secretary & MHA administrator
  • Mrs Nikki Alterman, lead nurse
  • Mrs Leah St Phillip, lead nurse
  • Ms Helen Taylor, ward manager
  • Ms Josephine Okoro, clinical charge nurse
  • Ms Emma Thorton, clinical charge nurse
  • Ms Sarah Quirk, clinical charge nurse
  • Ms Lucie Praglova, clinical charge nurse

  • Ms Hayleigh Rust, staff nurse
  • Ms Katie Sheahan, staff nurse
  • Ms Asun Garcia, staff nurse
  • Ms Marysia Cairns, staff nurse
  • Ms Mekeda X Logan, nursing assistant
  • Ms Gloria Achayo, nursing assistant
  • Ms Aishah Khokhar, nursing assistant
  • Ms Thelma Kokroko, nursing assistant
  • Ms Salma Begum Ali, nursing assisstant
  • Ms Nancy Onuma, nursing assisstant
  • Ms Cheyene Samuel, nursing assistant

Teaching Staff

Trainees / Students

  • Ms Lorraine Coady, Educational lead
  • Ms May Lee Allen, Teacher
  • Ms Zuri Findley Teacher
  • Mr Mike McMillan, Education Business Lead
  • Ms Sophie Morgan, assistant psychotherapist
  • Mr Aaron Burke, assisstant psychotherapist
  • Ms Abigail Freeman, trainee clinical psychologist
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How to find us

Here is a short video of the journey

By Car

By public transport

Woodside Avenue is marked in the maps above and can be approached from Highgate/Archway, Muswell Hill, Barnet via the A1 or Enfield and Haringey via the North Circular Road and Colney Hatch Lane. There some disabled parking facilities.

The nearest tube stations are Highgate or East Finchley on the Northern Line. The 134 and 43 buses stop close to the Unit.

Useful links

Useful Mental Health Sites

The Law and Your Rights

The Royal College of Psychiatrists
The Children's Legal Centre

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has a number of advice leaflets for young people and their carers.



The Children's Legal Centre is a unique, independent national charity concerned with law and policy affecting children and young people



Young Minds
National Youth Advocacy Service

Young Minds has information and links to many other resources for young people and their carers.



NYAS ensures that the voices of children and young people are heard in all matters affecting them




RU-OK » Self-help for teenagers
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
Evidence-Based Practice Unit

RU-OK is about you helping yourself - coping with common, and sometimes serious problems, as well as using your strengths.




Choosing What's Best For You: What scientists have found helps children and young people who are sad, worried or troubled (2007)

A booklet that explains the latest research in this area to children and families to help them make treatment choices.

Simmons House 53 Woodside Avenue, London N10 3HU

0203 316 1751 / 1753 / 1754 (Office)

0203 316 1774 / 1772 (Nursing*)

0203 316 1790 / 1791 (Night Nursing)


* Please note that the Nursing Team will be less available to talk at the following times due to handovers:


07:30 - 07:45 - Night to Early shift

08:30 - 08:45 - Handover to teachers

09:00 - 09:30 - Multidisciplinary handover and planning

13:30 - 14:00 - Early to Late shift and MDT, community meeting planning

20:30 - 21:00 - Late to Night shift.


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