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Young People's Council

Young People's Council (YPC)

This group is run fortnightly and is optional as it runs outside the unit's therapeutic programme. The aim of the group is the facilitation of direct action through increased user involvement in all aspects of care, treatment, issues pertaining to their environment and the resources provided.


The group provides a forum for comments and complaints to take place in order to enable the young people to be part of the process of change. Representatives of the young people, via the YPC, are invited to attend the monthly Simmons House Management Group.

There is also a Food Steering Group which young people attend to discuss the quality and range of food available.


Food is provided by a menu that meets the nutritional needs of the adolescent to ensure adequate growth and development. Individuals with specific dietary needs can be referred to the dietitian.

Young People Council

Advocacy Service

Advocacy Service

The National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS) ensures that the voices of children and young people are heard in all matters affecting them - click on the logo below.


NYAS provides trained and supported Independent Visitors to children and young people who are eligible and for whom it's in their best 'interest'.


NYAS has advocates and solicitors who are trained and experienced in working with children and young people and will only take their instructions from the child or young person with a problem. The service is confidential and nothing will be done or said without the young person’s consent. (Unless of course, that young person is in serious danger, and even then no action is taken without them knowing)


The NYAS Advocate visits Simmons House every week.

There is a free helpline



Tel:     0808  808 1001

Advocacy Service

What Others Say



"The staff understood X’s problems very well and often put themselves out to help her."

"I think the understanding improved enormously over time and I am really thankful for the transformation in X.


He is now an older version of the lad I used to know."

"In themselves my difficulties have not changed. What has is my attitude towards them.


I can handle not living my ideal life, whereas before it drove me into desperation."

What Others Say
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